Vespa Jazz Night

Vespa Jazz Night

Claim your bonus in 30 seconds!

  1. Choose the bonus you’d like to claim
  2. Press send once WhatsApp opens
    • If you choose to pay at Cashier, please come to our table to give the envelope or to charge your card
    • If you choose pay by phone, please wait for the payment link then fill the field that is needed
  3. Receive a confirmation when your tab is ready to use (within 10 minutes).

Bonus Options

Complimentary from Tabs. No Deposit Needed

50K Bonus

Deposit never expire. Bonus is valid for 3 months starting 1 week after claiming. Got questions? Contact us

About Tabs

Tabs is a new app that lets you support local businesses in Bali while being rewarded for being a regular. You prepay for food by topping up, receive 20% bonus, and get to save up to 50% on deliveries (compare to GoFood or GrabFood) by ordering direct. Top up can be done via the app or with staff in person.


Instruction for team (hidden from public)

  • We are responsible for all bonuses above 10%, our partners will never have to pay more than 10%
  • If user wants to pay online, we send them stripe link
  • If user wants to pay in person, we will go collect their card / cash?
  • We handle all top ups
  • For online top up, send customer link to Stripe payment, then pay attention to #notif-stripe for when payment succeeds to then top customer up
  • Be sure to tell customer that bonus will be added 1 week from now


Send Denney current design to envelop @Tony Xiao
Update this page to work fully (language, links, etc) @Dw Ayu Agung Ari Nurhita Dewi
Inform staff how the event would work @Dw Ayu Agung Ari Nurhita Dewi
Make sure goes to this page @Dw Ayu Agung Ari Nurhita Dewi
Inform vespa about the updated promo from our side @Dw Ayu Agung Ari Nurhita Dewi
Need to update the product description in Stripe to match our new promo offer @Dw Ayu Agung Ari Nurhita Dewi
Update the envelope to include the QR code and others @Denney Ritos
Print 40 envelopes @Denney Ritos
Ask Vespa to promote the event via their social @Denney Ritos
Ask Vespa whether they be willing to offer the free drink again @Denney Ritos
Make sure we have a table @Denney Ritos
Make sure we have a stand on the table
T-shirts for team x3 @Denney Ritos
  • When customer give us the envelope, confirm that they messaged us on WA first before accepting envelope