Vespa Jazz Night

Vespa Jazz Night

Claim your bonus in 30 seconds!

  1. Choose the bonus you’d like to claim
  2. Press send once WhatsApp opens
    1. If you choose to pay at Cashier, please come to our table to give the envelope or to charge your card
    2. If you choose pay by phone, please wait for the payment link then fill the field that is needed
  3. Receive a confirmation when your tab is ready to use (within 10 minutes).

Bonus Options


Complimentary from Tabs. No Deposit Needed

50K Bonus

Deposit never expire. Bonus is valid for 3 months starting 1 week after claiming. Got questions? Contact us

About Tabs

Tabs is a new app that lets you support local businesses in Bali while being rewarded for being a regular. You prepay for food by topping up, receive 20% bonus, and get to save up to 50% on deliveries (compare to GoFood or GrabFood) by ordering direct. Top up can be done via the app or with staff in person.


Instruction for team (hidden from public)